Désert Montagne Gite rural Circuit Solidaire

Tizi-RANDO was created in 1987 by a group of people, concerned local development. Tizi-RANDO puts into practice a different kind of tourism that emphasizes the reciprocal exchanges between travelers and the host population. Hiking and theme stays in the city and the mountains, offering the opportunity to show a more authentic face of Morocco. Tizi-HIKE and the Association Sodev MOROCCO, Moroccan NGO development have set up circuits and different, solidarity and fair stays where Man is at the center of interest. Meet the actors and actresses development, visiting projects in different regions of Morocco in partnership with local and international NGOs, discover others with their differences, culture, lifestyle, participation - and participation - development regions traversed, beautiful, but often tragically poor, such will always be our objectives:


vAllow a fairer sharing of the tourism's profits with the people directly involved


vFacilitate the encounter with the other, the rapprochement of cultures


vTo minimize the impact on the surrounding environment and resources


vPromoting local resources and preserve the heritage


vCollect and organize local actors of social economy networks.




Since 2007, Tizi-RANDO, with local and international partners, participated in the creation of a network of solidarity tourism AREMDT in one goal:


vA structure of a Mediterranean network of responsible tourism and solidarity.

vA spirit of exchange and conviviality.

vA discovery of the other.

vA discovery of the territory.



AREMDT is a collective effort of players around the Mediterranean cooperating for the development and promotion of responsible tourism and solidarity in the Mediterranean Men and women, practitioners in the Mediterranean, are engaged in the development and promotion of responsible tourism and solidarity. These players are considering solidarity tourism as a tool for local and sustainable development of our territories, complementarity and balance with other economic, social and cultural activities. AREMDT the partners are confident that we can meet the challenges and challenges of the Mediterranean, developing solidarity tourist trade, promoting mutual discovery and understanding of the other.

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